Property Management Support


Automatic Portfolio Updates

Our industry first capability will automatically ensure your agency compliance position is not only always up to date but proactively managed using this incredible safety net.


Dedicated Agency Team

As a client your agency will be provided direct access to a dedicated team of experienced customer service professionals both in the office and the field. Our team is an extension of your office.


Systematic Monthly Audits

Auditing properties under management against those being serviced, along with all the details of when serviced and last paid, is a big job. At PCA we do this automatically for you each and every month.


Photographic Certificates

Our industry exclusive photographic certificates of compliance provide property managers the added piece of mind that the job was done correctly. This assists in tenant disputes and insurance claims.


Qualified Electricians

Our field team of qualified electricians will ensure compliance on the day of inspection. The ability to correct any issues on the spot ensures a more efficient process for everyone.


Compliance One Stop Shop

As a compliance provider we complete all field compliance services required for Property Management – pools and spas, smoke alarms, corded window coverings and safety switches.